Display and Search Advertising: What are the strategies to expand your audience across channels?

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Display and Search Advertising: What are the strategies to expand your audience across channels?

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Display and Search Advertising: What are the strategies to expand your audience across channels?

Digital advertising in this generation has a myriad range of tools to offer which will help you reach and engage the right audiences through display and search advertising. The use of channels or tools may change but every business has only one objective behind any digital marketing activities, which is to grow their business online and mark its reputation.

Paid search is the most used first channel for many businesses with small marketing budget just because with that they can set up a PPC campaign in Google ads. Search advertising also offers something more, it has advance audience targeting capabilities which makes the companies rank their website better on search engines.

Display advertising is not much of an easy deal for marketers. Since display advertising has the potential to showcase your brand as an ad on any websites where people visit, it is considered best for the brands. It requires a direct relationship with DSP or Demand Side Platform or you can also hire a marketing agency and make them do the work instead.

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Now, let’s talk about a few strategies through which you’ll know how to take maximum benefit of both search and display advertising combined –

1. Spread a wide net – Display advertising will be useful to you when you’re looking out for more new customers and when you don’t have immense traffic on your site. When you have a big promotion coming up, you must spend more on brand awareness so that you have large traffic when your promotion is good to launch. Start by spreading a wide net and then you can go on to adjust your target parameters so as to find more new customers.

2. Retargeting – Once you’ve welcome all the new visitors on your website, you must look forward to cross-platform retargeting strategy. Suppose, if you are running a paid search campaign for t-shirts and with that, you achieved only 15 per cent as paying customers and the other85 per cent left your site without any action. Now because they have already visited your site, you can use retargeting to present them a new chain of messages with the hope of bringing them back.  Some retargeting strategies are simple while some are not so simple, but they will help you continue interacting with those visitors who will most likely convert.

3. Contextual Targeting   – When you have already identified those keywords which perform pretty well through your search campaigns, you can use those same keywords for contextual targeting to your display ad campaign as well. It does not at all link the two channels but it will definitely help you to better understand your audience demand. Suppose if “weight loss diet” is a keyword which driving traffic to your site, you can use“weight loss” contextual segment in display advertising.

Both search advertising and paid advertising are great channels to build awareness for your business or its products or services. If you’re heavily investing on search advertising for promotion, consider adding display advertising as well, along with some targeting strategies to boost the efficiency and impact of your campaigns which will reduce the cost per acquisition.