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      These 8 Proven Methods Will Skyrocket Your Website User Engagement

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      You might be surprised to learn that people form an opinion about your website in just 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds).

      Engaging your users can significantly improve the overall profitability as it offers your potential customers a voice – a connection. By establishing meaningful connections like these, you can build an entire community and put the spotlight on what you and your brand stand for.

      In this blog, we will first walk you through the meaning and importance of website engagement, following which we have outlined 8 actionable strategies that can steal to effectively engage your visitors.

      We can’t wait to get started!

      What exactly is website engagement?

      Website engagement is described as how well a brand is able to impress and retain the attention of the customers or users.

      It allows you to evaluate your users’ interactions with your site, what actions they take, and whether they ultimately convert from visitors into paying customers.

      Highly engaged users are generally more profitable, provided that their activities result in valuable outcomes, such as purchases, signups, downloads, comments, social shares, subscriptions, or clicks.

      Why is it important to increase website engagement?

      User attention is a finite resource and if users choose to devote their valuable time to a particular app or site and thoroughly understand your offerings, they’re signaling that they find value in it.

      High traffic by itself will not mean much unless your website has the potential to inspire and motivate visitors to engage and execute the actions you want.

      Converting users begins with engaging them.


      8 Proven Tips to keep your First-time and Returning Visitors Glued to your Website


      Create Engaging, Relevant Content:

      You won’t find a digital marketing and branding company that doubts the power of ultra-informational blogs to encourage users to engage with your website.

      Your content can be made more shareable with keyword-rich subheadings, bullet points and numbered lists, captivating images, and even videos so people can get a comprehensive look at your product and different ways of using it.

      Moreover, use diverse types of content such as custom-designed infographics, GIFs, product review videos, downloadable ebooks, courses or tutorials, etc to prevent your content from going stale.

      Gather email addresses:

      Growing your email list is essential to building a community for your business and getting in touch with your audience when you want to promote a product or announce a sale.

      The key is to provide something your potential customers will find value in – something they are willing to exchange email addresses for.

      Offering a free trial/ebook to your visitors is a great way to build your email list and promote your paid products/services. Also, you can create a quiz or poll to pique their interest and ask for their email before you reveal the results.


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      Integrate live chats and chatbots:

      It is not uncommon for websites to malfunction, checkout pages to freeze, and other things to go awry. These mini catastrophes can be resolved quickly when you provide one-click-away customer support instead of keeping your customers waiting for an email response or a callback.

      Companies offering live chat report 34% improvement in customer satisfaction rates and 2.6x improvement in customer care costs.

      You can set up automated and customized welcome messages that initiate a conversation with visitors. For best results, review your chat box transcripts periodically to determine how your agents can interact better with future web visitors and learn more about visitors’ journeys and previous interactions with your company.

      Streamline Navigation:

      Your bounce rates will rise and engagement will plummet if the design of your website is not intuitive and does not incorporate interactive self-service components.

      It should not take visitors more than two or three clicks to find the information they seek on your site.

      Categorize your blog posts and product pages responsibly to make information organized and constantly accessible. You must also feature a search box to enable visitors to effortlessly find what they need right away.

      Create clear and compelling Call to Actions (CTAs):

      The call to action button you add to your content should match your customer’s buyer journey.

      Several experienced digital marketing and branding companies suggest that adding a “Buy Product” button to a blog post may seem a bit aggressive, however, a “Learn More” CTA could work better.

      Your CTAs should stand out (use contrasting colors) so they do not go unnoticed and use commanding language that prompts visitors to do specific tasks such as comment on your articles, subscribe to your email list, or connect with you via social media.

      Also, never forget to include the element of value proposition in the CTA button like ‘Free Guide’, ‘Save up to 25%’, etc.

      Highlight your social proof:

      Social proof such as testimonials, reviews, star ratings, and real-time statistics helps to validate the buyer’s purchase decision and boost conversions.

      Another idea to boost engagement on your website is by adding a social media feed with the help of appropriate plugins.

      In this way, viewers can interact with your social media content directly from your website, which encourages them to cling on longer.


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      Run contests or giveaways as lead magnets:

      Quizzes and prizes appeal to everybody. They lead to page visits, subscriptions, conversions, and website user engagement.

      Your contest must serve a purpose such as driving traffic to your website, increasing social media engagement, etc. Select a suitable time to run the contest – Christmas, Easter, etc.

      Consider carefully where and how you want to promote your contest. As an example, you could reward your visitors for referrals, sharing content, liking your social media posts, or composing product reviews/testimonials.

      Enhance your internal linking strategy: Reputed digital marketing and branding companies claim that your website tends to be crawled by search engines more easily when you add internal links as it enables them to understand your site structure and rank your site accordingly, thereby boosting your organic traffic.

      When you have a piece of content that you think is especially relevant, you can also mention “Read Also/Recommended for You” links in the middle of the post. By adding internal links entitled “Products You May Like…” and “People Also Bought…”, you may be able to get some customers to add one or more products to their shopping cart.

      The anchor text of internal links should be descriptive and specific to the landing page to which the link points. Test each link to make sure it leads somewhere before publishing it.

      Final Words

      Having users abandon your website within a few seconds will negatively impact your bounce rate.
      Stale, confusing, and inoperable websites are not acceptable. Your focus should be on making your website attractive, interactive, and user-friendly.

      Boosting user engagement for your website can be an arduous process. The process first calls for diagnosing the problem and then developing a customized plan to keep your visitors on the website for a longer period.

      PromoteEdge is the leading digital marketing and branding company if you are looking to improve metrics related to website user engagement.

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