Saikat | 07/25/19

8 Tips to Find Best Digital Marketing Company for Travel Industry in Kolkata

Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata for Travel Agency


We are in the era where from the moment we wake up from the bed to the moment we go to sleep we go through digitalisation. From the basic necessities like food and clothing to travelling everything has got digitalised. Digital marketing is thriving at a fast pace and taking the associate industries with it.


Travel Industries in Kolkata


Travel Industry is the booming industries in this century. Every person has a bit of wanderlust in them and with the advent of technology the reach of travel industries reached its peak. According to Henry Miller “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”Digital marketing boosted travel industries to reach to travel enthusiast. Mostly Bengalis resides in the city of joy and it’s aptly said that Bengalis are most travel enthusiast so Kolkata can be hub for travel industries.


How Travel Industry Benefits from Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata?


People nowadays want everything in their wardrobe. And with booming digitalization and with some of the digital marketing companies in Kolkata everything are just touch away. Travel Industry needs digital marketing in various aspects. People nowadays want to get full knowledge of a place before visiting there, the pros and cons of that place, whether that place is family friendly, the living cost of that place or the type of food availability. People get an overview of every aspects of a place through digital marketing.

Most of the digital channels of a travel agency provides hotel bookings, tour package, car rental service, flight and train booking. So this makes easier for a potential buyer gain knowledge in a nutshell digitally by sitting at home.


Ideas to Find Best Digital Marketing Company for Travel Industry in Kolkata


1. Authenticity


While choosing a digital and creative marketing company a travel industry must verify the authenticity of the digital marketing company. Looking into the fact of that the digital marketing company is registered and has done previous work is vital while choosing an appropriate digital marketing company for its agency.

Apart from checking the registration you should also look into the fact the marketing company also have a website?


2. Notable Work


Travel Industry should ponder on the fact that the best digital marketing company has done notable work pertaining to travel industry. It is to see that the digital marketing company has the knowledge of handling travel industry and how well they perform in travel field.


3. Check KPI


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is checked to measure how successful your marketing company in reaching the goals is. It is to see that how many enquiry regarding tourism come after the online marketing in Kolkata by the digital marketing agency in Kolkata. The travel industry should focus on the count of people the advertisement reached.  Suppose a company has a website visit of 200 and after the top digital marketing team took over the website visit rose to 800 per month. Not only that you should also check the potentiality of the leads generated. It may happen the leads generated doesn’t have good conversion rate. So it is indicated that the digital marketing company is going good.


4. Return on Investment


Every business look into the fact of Return on investment or ROI. It is the amount of business generated over investment. Every business’s aim is to generate more return that what is invested. So the travel industry should see that the digital marketing company must generate more business than invested on them.


5. Familiarity with the Business


The digital marketing company must be aware of the travel business and how it works. Each and every aspects of the Travel industry should be known by the company and the marketing company must be familiarize by the offers and rates of the travel industry.

The travel agency is familiar with travel business but it is important to see how much familiar is the marketing company is with the travel business, how well is the understanding. If the marketing company understands the product then it might offer a unique and effective strategy for the agency which may lead to creation of potential lead.


6. Checking with the External Sources


It is always necessary to verify from the external factors regarding the working of the digital marketing agency in Kolkata. The external sources mostly include past clients, other travel agency. Self verification can also be done by going through their websites,designs,and layout. You can also search if their logo appears  somewhere as partners and if so how they have done their part. If you get time visit their social media page and go through their blogs, case studies which reflects their past work and how successful they are in increasing sales or in generating potential lead.


7. Cost


The travel industry should get a rate from the digital marketing company in Kolkata. Then you must see whether it is reasonable or not. You must see the period they will be charging.


8. Other Services Offered by the Top Digital Marketing Company


While choosing a digital marketing company in Kolkata you must also look on the other works done by them. Focusing on the overall benefit of digital marketing provided by the internet marketing company in Kolkata like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Content marketing, Email Marketing, etc.




You must follow the above factors while choosing a digital marketing company which works creatively and generate potential lead. The travel agency must follow the experience, authenticity, reasonability while opting for an internet marketing company in Kolkata for their online marketing.