Email Marketing

PromotEdge- One Of The Top Email Marketing Companies In Kolkata

Our email marketing experts are known for their experience & providing top quality email marketing services. There are marketing knowhow providers at PromotEdge, who offer services in forms of email marketing, web & SMS marketing. PromotEdge Global Services is literally the home to some of the top email marketing service providers.

We believe that on an average two out of every three brands, no matter in which industry or sector, undertake email marketing and an equal number of marketing heads of companies plan email campaigns on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Why Do You Get The “Promotional Edge” In Email Marketing With Us

Email marketing is known an extremely cost-effective way to connect & communicate with prospective and existing customers. The basic objective of email marketing for most businesses is to create visibility in the market, as well as, brand awareness. The greatest benefits of email marketing are acquisition of new customers and customer retention. Our email marketing services offer valuable opportunity to connect with prospects and customers by using actionable information. As the best email marketing agency in the market, we will take care of your campaigns right from the start to the finish i.e. strategy, copywriting, landing page design, template design, HTML coding, conversion optimization, list management, syndication, tracking, testing & reporting.